You are an actor in your own way!

Through the acting classes of my studio Azima Cultural Art Space… many discover aspects unknown to themselves, some discover themselves…!

And as William Shakespeare says… "If Theater is the food of love, then play more" and yes surely love is food, it is nourishment, so is theater for our soul!

Yes it's true! We are all actors…! If you Consider how we are determined from the moment of our birth… through roles that we are called to "play"… roles sometimes convincingly and truthfully achieving success… and sometimes not… ignoring the truth living extremely cut off from our "nature"! Playfully creative, we improvise and feel a character… through this process we enjoy and allow… through the pretext of the role to touch our senses…

"The Art of improvisation” is the driving force of the mind, to react faster and faster, to listen to our true… primary inner voice that is always right. Because Theater is Life!

Here at Azima Cultural Art Space together we will deal with this Art, on various texts of the contemporary repertoire. Acting lessons, individually as preparation… but also as a group!

Together we will deconstruct them and Together we will Combine them Again, offering at the same time the gift of how we create a theatrical role with the First Primal Questions

(who, where, when, what, why, how, with whom…)


Participation can be declared by those who have a passion for the Theater, those who love themselves and want to make it a gift of joy even for professional Actors who want to touch their roles more alternative and energetically !!!

Theater Lessons for young people and adults! It prepares the "young artists", but mainly works "therapeutically" as it relaxes the tense mind, acting as a powerful antistress!

If you want more information do not hesitate to contact me here!